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Learn To Master The French Macaron

In this course macaron artist Sarah Lamoureux personally walks you through how to make these delectable little cookies step by step.

This course provides you with all of the information you need to master the perfect macaron using the French meringue method, including our recipe and guided video and written instruction. Sarah guides you through the entire process from equipment you will need all the way through to storing your finished cookies. 

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Join me in my kitchen!

While I would LOVE to offer private one on one instruction to everyone, this course is the most practical way for me to help guide as many bakers as I can through the finicky world of macaron making. I will be showing you everything that I do and why I do it so that you can make any adjustments necessary for your own kitchen. I want you to succeed, and I have made this course as detailed and comprehensive as possible to ensure you will have all the information needed to master the macaron and enjoy the process. I'm rooting for you!

~ Sarah 

How to make macarons: Recipes, methods and troubleshooting!

This course includes our recipes, our exact methods and a guide for troubleshooting anything your kitchen or the weather might throw at you! Macarons have a reputation for being difficult to master and they absolutely deserve that rep; but this course will give you tried and tested recipes and methods and familiarize you with some of the reasons behind their finicky nature so you can always be a step ahead and achieve that perfect, pillowy cookie!


  • You will have lifetime access to the course material as well as automatic access to any future upgrades or bonuses we choose to add in the future.

  • Recipes included are our almond macaron shells, vanilla American buttercream and as a bonus we have included our chocolate macaron recipe!

  • Equipment overview 

  • Access to our years of troubleshooting knowledge. We have a macaron diary that we recorded and analyzed all of our experiences, experiments and failures in along the way and we have condensed all of our troubleshooting findings to share with you so you will be ready for any challenge these cookies could throw your way!

  • Bonus information with flavor inspiration and some of my favorite recipes to use up all the leftover egg yolks.

Why purchase this course?

Full transparency? You can google how to make macarons, and if you put in enough time searching for recipes, testing out all the various methods and meticulously troubleshoot along the way there is a solid chance you could master these completely on your own.

So why purchase this course? Because most people don't get very far that way; even those who are already a whiz in the kitchen can become overwhelmed and discouraged trying to Google their way through this and I want you to succeed! More than that, I want you to enjoy yourself in the process. Signing up for our course will save you the following:


TIME- No hours googling for recipes and often conflicting information. No debating which method to use, no wondering if it was the recipe or a method that caused your macarons to fail and no hours wasted baking only to end up with hard, cracked, misshapen macarons. 

INGREDIENTS- Almond flour isn't cheap and nobody wants a mountain of failed macarons in their trash.

FRUSTRATION- Baking is supposed to be fun, therapeutic even, and a bad macaron recipe can ruin the good vibes in the blink of an eye. Too many failed attempts can quickly dash the hopes of an aspiring macaron maker and I don't want that for you!

Time alone is priceless, we have already done all the hard work, perfected our recipes and methods and are providing you this shortcut so you can focus on the fun and the satisfaction you will feel when you master these beautiful cookies yourself! 

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