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*Please Note*

Our 2022 calendar is completely booked and are accepting wedding inquires for 2023

Planning a wedding?

Each couple has their own unique vision for their wedding day and we specialize in bringing that vision to life through sugar art! Every wedding order is completely individual, including one on one contact with me every step of the way. We welcome any artistic challenge, including things that have never been done before (re: the internet's first crystal cake pop chandelier; we love challenges like that) and can accommodate events large and small.

Inquire below, we look forward to speaking with you!

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While each and every order is unique, and it is always best to speak with us first to get an accurate quote for your individual needs and desires, we know how helpful it can be to have a rough idea of what you can expect to spend when booking your wedding with us! Our couples typically spend between $1500 and $3500, however there are many factors that impact final order cost. Our order minimum is $1000.


 We do offer cutting cakes, which are a simple frosted cake in the flavor of your choosing delivered directly to your venue's kitchen for serving, not for display. These are an economical option for rounding out servings while maintaining the overall aesthetic you desire for your dessert display!


Service Area

We are based in Lancaster, NH and deliver wedding orders throughout the state of NH. 

We do not accept orders for out of state weddings at this time.


Q. Do you offer tastings?

A. Yes we do! Tastings include up to 3 flavors each of our standard cake flavors and filling/frosting flavors and are shipped directly to your door in a chilled box for you and your partner to enjoy in the comfort of your home. The tasting fee is $50, shipping included, and is deducted from your final order cost should you choose to book with us!

Q. Can I pick up my wedding cake?

A. We do not offer pick up options on wedding cakes. Wedding cakes are extra special, every cake is hand delivered and set up by me to ensure your dessert table looks exactly the way you envisioned. You deserve the best and we would never want a cake to arrive or be set up in anything less than stellar shape.

Q. Can you ship?

A. Painting with Sugar offers nationwide shipping on decorated cookies, French macarons and drop cookies only. All cakes, cupcakes, pies, cake pops, etc are delivery only. 

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